Journal of Innovative Agriculture, Volume 10, Issue 2 : 1-8. Doi : 10.37446/jinagri/rsa/10.2.2023.1-8
Research Article

OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 30-Jun-2023

Cluster-based large-scale demonstration of improved sesame production technology

  • Melkachew Hailemariam
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, P.O.Box 96, Jinka, Ethiopia.
  • Asmera Adicha
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, P.O.Box 96, Jinka, Ethiopia.
  • Kassahun Kabata
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, P.O.Box 96, Jinka, Ethiopia.


Cluster-based large-scale demonstration of improved sesame technology through irrigation was done in the Bena-Tsemay district of South Omo zone, Belg season. A total of 22 agro-pastorals participated in the demonstration and one pastoral and agro-pastoral research group containing 16 members was established to share experiences with each other starting from planting to harvesting. The demonstration was done on a land size of 10 hectares in a cluster base. Participatory training was given to all participants on important agronomic practices and management measures. All the recommended agronomic management was applied with close supervision and follow-up of researchers. Agronomic data and grain yield was collected and analyzed. Accordingly, an average grain yield data of 0.725 tons ha-1 was obtained. Feedback was also collected from participants and they preferred the technology based on its early maturity, yield per plant, branch per plant, disease resistance, pod per plant, seed color, marketability, and overall yield. Thus, using this improved sesame (Mehando-80) variety with its agronomics management is advisable.


cluster, demonstration, oil seed, production, sesame, yield


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