Journal of Innovative Agriculture, Volume 10, Issue 3 : 48-63. Doi : 10.37446/jinagri/rsa/10.3.2023.48-63
Research Article

OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 30-Sep-2023

Demonstration of Boer x-Woyto-Guji crossbred goats in Bena-Tsemay Woreda, South Omo Zone, Ethiopia

  • Demerew Getaneh
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Livestock Research Directorate, P.O. Box 96 Jinka, Ethiopia.
  • Aschenaki Abate
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Livestock Research Directorate, P.O. Box 96 Jinka, Ethiopia.


The study was conducted in the agro-pastoral agro-ecology of the Bena-Tsemay woreda to demonstrate, promote, and evaluate the productive performance of Boer x-Woyto-Guji crossbred bucks (75% and 50% Boer) and their progenies under agro-pastoral management systems. Data were analyzed using statistical software by SPSS version 23.0. The kids’ body weight was recorded for one year in three age groups, 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months. A total of 139 (70 with 25% and 69 with 37.5% Boer blood) crossbred kids were evaluated to assess the effect of blood level on body weight (kg). The overall average BWT, WWT, SMWT, and YWT of the crossbred kids were 2.82kg, 9.3kg, 14.14kg, and 17.68kg, respectively. The average BWT, WWT, SMWT, and YWT of the 25% and 37.5% blood level crossbred kids were (2.79, 2.93kg), (8.60, 9.99kg), (13.47, 15.14kg) and (16.84, 19.02kg), respectively. In both blood levels and at different age categories, male and single kids had heavier BWT, WWT, SMWT, and YWT than twin and female kids. The overall ADG of crossbred from 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months were 69.01, 57.11, and 39.43gm/day. The crossbred kids had higher gain from birth to 180 days of age. There was a significant difference (p<0.05) in ADG of blood level, type of birth and sex from birth to six months of age. The pre-weaning mortality rates of single and twins were 11.5% and 15.38%, respectively. About 73.4% of households perceived and preferred the crossbred goat although criticized it as weak in disease resistance and special care requirements. It is concluded that, crossbreeding using 50% and 75% Boer crossbred bucks is an ideal and suitable scheme for improving the indigenous goat body weight under agro-pastoral management conditions. Furthermore, the terminal crossbred bucks, kids not used to produce replacement, could be a remarkable option for marketing.


crossbred, crossbreeding, indigenous breed, demonstration, woyto-guji goat, boer goat, south omo, bena-tsemay


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