Journal of Innovative Agriculture, Volume 3, Issue 4 : 32-36
Research Article

OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 29-Dec-2016

Management of Soybean defoliators through chemical insecticides

  • CA Dudhbale
  • College of Agriculture, Nagpur, India
  • A N Surpam
  • College of Agriculture, Nagpur, India.
  • R B Kothikar
  • College of Agriculture, Nagpur, India.
  • Mina Koche
  • Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, Shivaji College of Agriculture, Amravati, India.


Soybean is a fascinating crop with innumerable of not only improving agriculture but also supporting industries. In the present investigation, attempts were made to study the relative efficacy of different insecticides against leaf defoliators.  It was found that, defoliator (Spodoptera litura and Green semi looper) was significantly reduced in plots treated with Quinolphos 25 EC @ 1000 ml/ha followed by Endosulfan 35 EC @ 1000 ml/ha and Chlorantraniliprole (E2Y45) 20 SC @ 200 ml/ha which were at par with each other and the next superior treatments were lambdacyhalothrin 5 EC @ 300 ml/ha, Diflubenzuron 25 WP @ 400 ml/ha, Triazophos 40 EC @ 800 ml/ha  and Indoxacarb 14.5 SL @ 500 ml/ha which were at par with each other. Highest yield was obtained from plots treated with lambdacyhalothrin 5 EC @ 300 ml/ha (2500 kg/ha) followed by Triazophos 40 EC @ 800 ml/ha (2451 kg/ha), diflubenzuron 25 WP @ 400 g ml/ha (2400 kg/ha), Indoxacarb 14.5 SL @ 500 ml/ha (1930 kg/ha) and others.


Soybean, defoliators, chemical insecticides


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