Principles of Transparency and Best Practices (PTBP)

Peer review process: Manuscript submission by authors is sent to a minimum of two reviewers ( after the editor's initial analysis of the manuscript. After getting the review reports from the reviewers, the editor will decide on the acceptance and rejections of the manuscript (

Governing Body:  Full name, affiliation, and contact details of the editorial board members have been included on the page  

Author fees: Current fee policy of our journal for publications is stated on one page  

Copyright: Copyright and licensing information of the published manuscript at our journal is given on the page  

Identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct: The editor should be the responsible person for preventing research misconduct including plagiarism, citation manipulation, data falsification/fabrications, etc. Moreover, Cornous Biology follows the COPE guideline to manage these issues.

Ownership and management: Information about the ownership and/or management of a journal is mentioned on the page  

Web site: The journal home page ( contains information on the e-ISSN number, types of articles published, and the periodicity of the publications (Issues).

Name of journal: The journal "Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Toxicology" is unique and is not easily confused with other journals.

Conflicts of interest:  The journal policies on handling potential conflicts of interest of editors, authors, and reviewers are clearly stated on the page

Access: Free access policy of our journal is stated on the page  

Revenue sources: The journal decided to receive the publication fee for the manuscripts after getting proper indexing like Scopus and WoS.

Advertising: As per our current journal policy, currently there is no plan for accepting and displaying any advertisement on our journal web pages.

Publishing schedule: As per our current journal policy, quarterly the issues are being published, and the information is stated on the home page

Archiving: Self Archiving.

Marketing: The journal has open access to its published content