withdrawal policy

Journal of Innovative Agriculture maintains the highest quality in the manuscript publications with the highest standard of ethics without any deviations.  Also, forces the authors to maintain scientific integrity and ethics on the publication process for manuscripts from submission to publication.

Article Withdrawal

An article can only be withdrawable in the pre-publication phase.

Withdrawal is likely to be made by either the author or the publisher.

Since, the journal spends resources on the processing of manuscripts in the forms of the enormous amount of work that editors, reviewers, and editorial office staff. The author must pay 80% of the publication fee to process the author’s request for intermittent withdrawal of the manuscript.

The corresponding author should submit proper reasons for the withdrawal in a request letter with the signatures of all authors. The request letter should be addressed to the Editor.

The publisher has the right to withdraw or decline or reject the manuscript at any stage if a violation of the ethical rules is detected in the article, especially in the case of multiple submissions, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data without the permission of the original author, false claims by the author.

Article Retraction

Article retraction will happen at the post-publication phase, a retraction is considered when a particular manuscript involves legal disputes or copyright violations. The original article will be removed from the journal website, but the PDF or HTML link will appear with a retraction note. The publication fee will not be refunded for the retraction of the manuscript.

Article Removal

Published articles will be removed if there is any violation found on copyrights, false data presentation, or scientific data modifications.

Article Replacement

Authors are permitted to replace an old manuscript with a new version of the manuscript. The retraction policy will be followed first, and then the new article will be updated in the retracted article URL.